A look askance, 2014


It is that time of year for reflections on the past twelve months. Everyone is doing it: the telly is drowning in restrospectives, and Facebook has foisted an unwanted review on us. Happily, with the latter it’s easy to ignore and fail to “share”, and with the former it is simple just to turn off the television set.

How was 2014 at Snaptophobic Towers? Busy sums it up. The model building thing just keeps on coming. I am actually feeling overwhelmed and beginning to think I can’t actually do all the work I’ve taken on at the moment! I still can’t actually believe just how busy I have become in the past two years. I really ought to have done it sooner! The past year has also seen me begin to support a manufacturer with a demonstration stand. I hope this will continue in the next year, time and funds permitting.

Of course, being occupied full time has meant photography has taken a seat a long way back down the bus. I managed one serious photographic trip this year, missing out on some seriously fine weather during the summer. The interest is still there, and I need to buck my ideas up next year. I have been considering some form of project for 2015, perhaps even a 365, but I have a few days to think about that yet. Don’t hold your breath!

Trials and tribulations with cars culminated in the disposal of my little red Fiat, and the acquisition of a black Škoda. I still miss the Fiat. Driving it was often a hoot, though long distances could become tiresome. Still, with a larger, more comfy car, we are tending to travel a little further. If circumstances had allowed, I suspect I would have kept the Seicento and repaired him for sunny days and local trips.

We are giving some thought to supporting local theatre groups. Best Beloved used to be heavily involved in amateur dramatics when he was younger, and the interest is still there. I don’t want to be involved with productions, but I wouldn’t mind seeing plays and musicals. We are going to keep an eye on what the local companies are getting up to.

The end of the year has seen health issues. I caught a cold at the end of November, which knocked me sideways for a couple of days. Having shared it with Best Beloved, as one does, we were just getting over it when a visit to a modelling show gave us another dose. The two got together and had a right old party. Here I sit, a month on, only just recovered. I do so hate being ill.

About a decade ago, I declared the world insane. I am firmly convinced I went to sleep one night in September 2001 and woke up in some bizarre parallel universe. As far as 2014 has been concerned, it’s been about as bat-shit crazy as it’s possible to be. I won’t go into details, but it does seem there are some particularly ugly chickens beginning to come home to roost. Where it will end is anyone’s guess. For my part, there are so many things I want to get angry about. The rise of foodbanks in a wealthy country, the NHS being sold off to the highest bidder, the blatant lies and untruths uttered from the mouths of politicians of all stripes, the rise of the right wing as if the 1930s never happened… I could go on, but I won’t. I have decided to try and pick my fights in 2015. I can’t get annoyed by everything all the time, after all. The biggest fight, perhaps, is to kick the Conservatives out of office before they destroy the NHS completely.

If I have one wish for 2015 it would be that all the religious fanatics, political loons and all that go along with them suddenly realised that we are all living on this tiny blue dot spinning in an eternal void and we ought to try and play nicely together before it’s too late.

Finally, let me wish you all the best for the new year. Here’s to 2015, and may your god bless all who sail in her!

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  1. Well done that lady, try in 2015 not to get caught up with the news, it will only depress you.. Ignore all that’s going on in the world you cant change it. As poor deceased George who used to work for my once said ” Live every day as if it’s your last, one day it will be”.

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