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These days, I don’t really subscribe to magazines. There are one or two hobby-related exceptions, but it’s safe to say I have never subscribed to any photography magazines.

Until now. Craft & Vision has published a new e-magazine (PDF format) called Photograph. I listened to the publisher, David duChemin, chatting with Martin Bailey on the latter’s podcast, and I was convinced it was worth a look.

The price is very reasonable. Photograph is a quarterly downloaded magazine, at $8 an issue. I subscribed for four issues, and the total came to around £15 with the current $/£ exchange rate. The quality is superb, the images are reproduced at the largest possible size, and there are plenty of them. Over 130 pages, pretty much packed with information and inspiration, and best of all there are no adverts (save the final page plugging other Craft & Vision products.

The policy seems to be to avoid excessive gear reviews, and to concentrate on the art and not just technique of photography. As long as there aren’t too many tutorials on using Lightroom I will be happy. Being an Aperture user by choice, I feel a bit hard done by when almost every post-processing tutorial assumes you’re an Adobe junkie.

Go take a look at the Photograph site, and make up your own mind. I think this is the only photography magazine I will actually maintain a subscription to.

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