An update, and a test


I am still busy at the workbench. The current build is nearing completion now, with just fiddly details and the transfers to go on before it gets a gentle weathering.

The test is of the WordPress blogging software for the iPad. Having acquired one of the iGizmos for my birthday, it has become my main interface with the wider world. It is a natural step to try and maintain the Snaptophobic blog with the same equipment.

There are some features I miss over the web browser system. I can’t immediately see the tags, nor can I see how to add more than one image per post. I don’t even know if the image I have selected is going to show! I suppose there will always be a need for a “proper” computer for the dedicated blogger—though I can always revert to the iOS browser if I need to.

Right, let’s see how this turns out.

Well, it isn’t quite how I expected it. Why is the image above the headline, for example? Oh well, back to the browser for some heavy lifting.

[A short while late] ah! that’s better.

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