BBC News – Drivers in Kent ‘should copy Scandinavians’ in snow

“We have got to learn from the Scandinavians if we are going to go on having seriously snowy winters.

“They have a spare set of wheels with snow tyres and when the weather gets unpleasant they put them on (their cars).”

Common sense from Kent County Council’s leader. Well said, that man.

2 thoughts on “BBC News – Drivers in Kent ‘should copy Scandinavians’ in snow

  1. I agree with you, Paul, but then we’ve all kind of been drawn down the line of style over substance with our modes of transport. Nice alloys and slick tyres look cool, but are of next to no use in a practical situation where you just need some kind of grip in order to make progress on a snowy or icy road.Sadly, the reality is most people simply won’t fork out for a spare set of wheels like that without it either being enforced by statute. Maybe, just maybe, manufacturers could be persuaded to provide such extras as standard equipment in the future.Discuss.

  2. I see a flaw or two in the logic:1 – the cost of a second set of wheels and tyres2 – The availability of snow tyres for your car. Canโ€™t find any for my car. In the USA a lot of Crossfire owners in the more snowy parts have a second car and swap them in/out of storage during the winter.Not that Iโ€™d risk taking my car out in the snow ๐Ÿ˜‰

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