BBC News – Lord Foster behind Kent airport plan

We are the only country in Europe that can have a west-facing Americas port at Liverpool and an east-facing – China, India, Europe – port in the estuary.

Or perhaps an east-facing port at Grimsby, or Harwich, or …

We don’t want or need a new airport in the Thames Estuary. A liquefied natural gas terminal, one of the most important sites for over-wintering birds, and the fact a new airport will effectively kill the existing London airports and smaller airfields as well as upset the French and Dutch airspace, plus having already been given the red light by the UK government, means this idea should be dead in the water.

1 thought on “BBC News – Lord Foster behind Kent airport plan

  1. By the time this “gets off the ground”, I’d suspect that there would be less fuel to power the aircraft, and unless we can get alternative fuelled aircraft, we’ll be looking at long-haul trains as the more favourable way to travel.More time should be spent on getting HS2 right than mucking around with aircraft.

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