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The WebSE Mac System 7 emulation

While we’re in geek nostalgia mode, try this one for size.

I began my love affair with Apple and the Macintosh computer on little beige boxes with tiny black and white screens built in. This web site offers a Flash-based emulation of such a machine running Macintosh System 7. I used to design and lay out entire magazines in QuarkXPress one-dot-something-or-other on a screen that size.


Elgin Park – elginpark’s Photos


A link to the Flickr stream of Michael Paul Smith was passed to me by my friend Paul Dunning. I’ve followed various links to Mr Smith’s Smugmug pages, and present what I think of as one of the best images.

Michael Paul Smith builds intricate sets to display his model car collection, and then takes them out into the real world to match them against real backgrounds in order to photograph them. The combination of point of view, depth of field and natural daylight makes the scenes come to life.

The models are built to 1/24th scale (one-half inch equals one foot). I have to say that the size of this scale makes believable photography that much easier, but these are still superb examples of the craft.

Autumn Oak | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


I made myself go out for a stroll with my camera today. It was late morning, with a watery autumnal sun and chilly breeze. I set out with no real plan, no theme formed in my head. I let my eyes wander, seeking inspiration. I also decided to work in manual mode, rather than my normal aperture priority.

For the gear-heads, EOS 7D, EF 35mm ƒ/2, camera set to monochrome with a yellow filter. This shot ƒ/2.8 at 1/500th second, ISO 100. Some minor tweaks in Aperture to the definition, but otherwise as it comes out of the camera.

I could get to like this photography game.

Stop the Estuary Airport | Email Boris

Help us to oppose the estuary airport scheme by emailing Boris direct.

BoJo is at it again.

Visit the site linked above, which is supported by Medway Council, Kent County Council and the RSPB, and send an email to the Mayor of London registering your displeasure. I have.

I’ve only just discovered the North Kent Marshes, despite having lived in the area for over two decades. I like the fact there is such a large area of wilderness, sandwiched between the Thames and Medway. I like the fact the unique landscape of marshland is home to all kinds of wildlife, and to hardy souls who live in scattered communities across the Hoo Peninsula. It saddens me that the Mayor of London persists in trying to destroy this place, with some pie-in-the-sky dream of enticing some 75 million Chinese to buy duty free tat as they swap planes for an onward journey to who knows where!

12×12 – a set on Flickr

(For those blessed with Flash-free iDevices, here’s the link to the set on Flickr.)

Following up on my last post about A Lesser Photographer, where I mentioned limiting myself to a mobile phone camera, here’s the first attempt at a set of images. One photo an hour for twelve hours.

I really do not think I have the stamina to take on a 365 project. Tackling a 12×12 is necessarily shorter, but also something I can actually complete. A while later, I tried the 12×12 idea once more, and again using just the phone camera. One day I really ought to try it again but use a “proper” camera.