Changing Seasons


While we currently bask in an indian summer here in much of England, it’s hard not to notice autumn is upon us. The trees seem desperate to lose their foliage this year, and predictions are we’re in for a cold snap as early as the end of October—much as last year. Oh, good. 

(Did that sound sarcastic enough?)

After a bout of exuberance as I relaunched my freelance life, I find actually getting the work—in equal parts the most important and the most tedious things about freelancing in general—brings me down with a bump. I don’t ask for much, but my list of clients is shorter than I’d like. The question is, how do I find new clients? Not just new clients, but ones who want to start a long-term working relationship, rather than the more familiar “quick jobs” I tended to collect the last time I played this game seriously.

I’d like to say my heart is really in it, but if I am truly honest with myself it’s not. While I enjoy the freedom to work the hours I want, to be able to give myself a day off if I feel like it, I long for regular income. I need to figure out how to market myself effectively without costing me a packet. Meanwhile, if a “proper” job opportunity comes along, I will go for it.

But that’s a whole other can of worms.

2 thoughts on “Changing Seasons

  1. There are lies, damned lies, statistics, and then there are those “quick jobs” that mean fake tight budgets to screw freelancers over and make them work for less than minimum wage to meet a fake short deadlines >:(

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