Do You Wear a Camera?

Perhaps the biggest challenge I hear many of our readers talking about when it comes to their photography is that they struggle to find time to practice their photography.

The real problem though is that so many of us don’t have our camera with us when the photographic opportunities present. Instead they sit at home in a little bag that is full of well researched and rarely used gear.

But even when we take our camera with us it often remains in that bag.

I recently was reading Thorsten Overgaard’s site (pictured right) where make the statement that cameras should always ‘wear their camera’. He wrote:

“Things happen when you wear your camera. You get to see things and document them.”

By ‘wearing’ your camera Thorsten advocates actually having out of your bag, over your shoulder, switched on and ready to go at all times.

Getting a little meta, writing a blog post about a blog post about a blog post, but I think the subject here is worth a look.

I used to “wear” my Olympus OM10—it was always nearby wherever I went—and I used to be able cram my Canon EOS 400D with a lens into my handbag, but since moving to a larger body, I only ever carry the PowerShot G9 in my bag.

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