Exposing For Monochrome « Photofocus

The latitude (the ability to over or underexpose) a photograph is greatest with color negative film. Slide film has the least amount of latitude, especially overexposure. Correct exposure is more critical for digital capture than film because digital sensors respond more like a hybrid of the two different kinds of film: Over exposure wipes out image data but the underexposure side of digital capture has more latitude. The downside of underexposure is the inevitable creation of digital noise, what you might see in a photograph that appears to be digital “grain.” As in all forms of photography, the secret to maximize digital image quality is to properly expose the image.

As I’m currently choosing to shoot in monochrome with my EOS 7D, this is a very handy reminder of how to get the best. Go ahead and read the original at Photofocus. I promise it won’t take you long at all.

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