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Today we take photos for granted. They are our memories of holidays and parties, of people and places. An explosion of cameras and places to share them (Facebook, twitter, instagram) means that our lives today are documented, not by an occasional oxidizing of silver halide but constantly recorded with GPS coordinates and time stamps. However it hasn’t always been like this – the oldest photograph is less than 200 years old

An interesting article, well worth the read. The bit that hits home for me is the shoebox thing. I’ve got three filing cabinet drawers of analogue photos. I am aware that even the most recent of those film negatives is getting on for 15 years old now. They will degrade, although they’re kept in the dark.

My task, currently, is to digitise my collection—though I find I am curating as I work, not bothering with images I am not interested in. Perhaps I should rethink this attitude. I offer this as a service to anyone who has important or valuable analogue images. Once a photo has been digitised, the original can be stored away safely, and the digital copy can be shared more readily.

If you have a collection of old photos you would like to digitise, but which you don’t have the time, skill or patience to do yourself, drop me a line.

Hat tip to Alex Small (@onemanrace) for pointing me to the link.

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