I can’t see it.


Our landlines went down yesterday. It seems our whole estate, possibly even further afield, has been affected. Last time this happened it turned out to be a false fire alarm at the local exchange, but it could easily be a cable theft locally now. Happily, as we have cable internet, I was able to log the fault with BT via their web site. 

I’ve highlighted a part of the text in the screengrab from the fault page, because try as I might I simply cannot find the “keeping you up to date” section of the site. Perhaps the relevant link was expunged in the makeover the site’s had, but the fault reporting engine hasn’t been brought up to date yet.

(I know BT Care have a Twitter account—@BTCare—and I tweeted about the dilemma last night including them in the conversation. They’ve been in touch via Twitter, which is nice.)

The last time our phones went down, I reported the fault via my mobile. We were updated via text messages on the repair process, which was nice. The problem is, I can’t find a way to add my mobile number to our BT account in order for BT to contact us about the fault. All they have at the moment is email. I suppose I could call them on my mobile anyway, as I have a fault log number, but that would be cheating! 

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