I’ll never understand

I don’t understand WordPress. My brain is unable to encompass what WordPress does.

Yesterday I set up a page to let me aggregate information about my model work. I came back to the page today in order to see what else I can do with it.

All I can do is edit it. Um, so, um, how do I, like, you know, add new posts to the page? I thought that was what it was for.

Wrong. Page deleted.

I’m getting too old for this internet stuff.

2 thoughts on “I’ll never understand

  1. Thanks Nick. That kind of makes sense – unlike the rest of the WP UI… =o)

  2. Use categories – add the category ‘modelling’ (or whatever) to all your relevant posts, then you can use the link snaptophobic.co.uk/category/modelling (see for example nickminers.com/category/news)

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