In this Dickensian season, a Victorian clique still rules | John Harris | Comment is free | The Guardian

Knowing what a great education means means there’s a better chance of getting it for all of our children,” says the prime minister. To oikish ingrates like me, their backstories prove they know far too little of the real world. Either way, the lines to be drawn from past to present are inescapable. How could it be otherwise?

I find it harder and harder to believe I actually thought this millionaire coalition was a good thing. How could I have been so blind? How could we all have been so blind to vote for Tories at all? Are all so stupid and vacuous that we thought we’d vote Tory just to get back at those nasty New Labourites who made such a mess of the country?

I despair. If the X-Celebrity Cum Factor hasn’t blinded too many, perhaps the streets will see some proper class action in the coming months. We have to get the rich bastards out of power again, although I fear it’s too late to stop UK PLC becoming a theme park for rich tourists.

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