Mmm, shiny

By turns, smooth and bumpy. That’s how I describe setting up this new home for Snaptophobic. I think Posterous, in their efforts to make blogging as painless as possible, hid the slightly more techy things a bit too far down.

I’m geeky by nature, but sometimes I will rather run away from code than try to work out how to do something—even if it is really simple. So far, I have spent way too long trying to work out how to post an update to my Twitter feed from here, something that was a one-click affair at the other place.

Anyway, enough complaining. Treat this as a test of a couple of things to see if they work as I want. Normal—whatever “normal” is—service will be resumed shortly.

2 thoughts on “Mmm, shiny

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress, Heather!

    If you should get stuck on anything, you know where I am. Chances are I’ve already run into similar problems sorting out, and my wife’s new one,


    1. Cheers Gav! I’m letting things bed in for now. Once I’ve got a job out of the way, I’ll set to and learn about customising the look a bit more. =o)

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