4 thoughts on “Perplexed

  1. Gavin’s right. In a devious job, I saw all too often the start of the breeding for cash habit. You could almost start a book on who would be pregnant before their 17th birthday.

  2. The other view is that our modern society has so many safeguards in place that even the most stupid find it difficult to fatally wound themselves. Darwin’s survival of the fittest is circumvented, preventing the weaker genes from being preened from the gene pool.That is not to suggest that I’m one of the smart ones and am prone to moments of stupid, however I am not a breeder so my bloodline ends with me!

  3. I fear there is truth in what you say.I’ve been thinking about forming a campaign to eradicate stupid in 2012. I wonder if I can get Stephen Fry and Brian Cox to help…

  4. The trouble is, whilst the welfare state is great for those too ill to work, it also rewards breeding as a career choice – apparently you can get a house and all sorts.The more intelligent, career-minded folks are not breeding to focus on their career and the (how to put this diplomatically) not so career minded are breeding like crazy. We’ve engineered a swarm of idiots.

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