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The other day I was bemoaning the fact that many of the photography podcasts I listen to are resolutely based in the USA. The same voices kept reappearing, some of which were getting intensely irritating in a whiney west coast way, and it was increasingly obvious to me that I wasn’t learning anything from them any more. Too much blather about new software and hardware, and too little blather about actual photography. I also noticed a lot of talk about lighting, whereas I am a keen natural light photographer. The only flash I own is part of my camera body, and it very rarely gets deployed. While I am interested in new gear, I’m not going to be spending money on it, so I want more general photographic information over technolust.

Be that as it may, I was pointed at a UK-based podcast that had previously slipped my notice. I subscribed to it over the weekend, and I had a marathon catch-up session yesterday. 

Giles Babbidge (@gilesbabbidge on Twitter) is a professional photographer based down on the South Coast of England. He runs a blog/web site entitled The Active Photographer, produces a weekly podcast of the same name, and a Facebook page if you feel so inclined, while also working hard for a living.

I have to say, I am pretty impressed. Giles tends to record his weekly podcast in an off-the-cuff style, often while on a location or out for a walk. He also records interesting chats with his former university lecturer. Things frequently wander off on tangents, or down little parenthetical byways, but equally frequently contain useful real world information.

I am happy that I now have a regular podcast with a UK-based photographer.

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