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On my workbench

This is a 7mm scale AEC Monarch, built from a Classic Commercials kit. I started building this a couple of years ago, but it got sidelined by other stuff, such as real life.

Having some time between other projects, I decided to get it finished. The model is pretty much built from the kit, with one or two additional touches. I’ve added pipe detailing around the fuel tank, modelled a prop shaft, and enhanced the kit’s steerable wheel feature. I had to replace the moulded sidelights as they were slightly crooked. Close inspection will show the radiator badge reads “Mammoth”. This is because the etched stainless steel parts were designed for a 6-wheeled lorry, which would have been correct for a Mammoth Major.

Still to be done is the glazing, and final details such as wipers and mirrors. and finishing touches to the paint. The headlamps appear opaque white, because the clear filler hasn’t cured properly yet to leave a transparent lens effect. Currently, I don’t feel confident enough to hand letter the cab, but I may have a go at the pinstripe lining that was common on such vehicles in their heyday in the late 1940s into the early 1960s.

Lucas Replacement Smoke Kit

Have you inadvertently let the smoke out of the wires on your classic British car? This, then, is the solution to your problem!

While reading up about “magic smoke” — just type it into Wikipedia for an explanation — I discover that the concept predates the invention of the silicon chip. In fact, smoke was an important part of the wiring harness and electrical systems of most British cars of the 1950s and 1960s.

Do take some time to read the Q&A section. Much would not disgrace a Goon Show script.