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Here’s to the future now…

I recall hoping 2011 would improve on the utter disaster that was 2010. I have to admit to being disappointed. 2011 hasn’t really been much better. I wonder what 2012 might have in store for me.

Yes, it’s that time of the year when I sit down and review where I have been over the past 12 months, and where I want to go over the next.

Not having a regular income to speak of has rather curbed my wanderlust, so any photographic expeditions in 2011 have been closer to home. Apart from a couple of sallies beyond the confines of Kent—model railway exhibitions earlier in the year took me as far as Wigan and York, and a brief day trip to Shropshire a few weeks ago took in the RAF Museum at Cosford—I have had to be content with places that don’t cost a fortune to visit.

I made a couple of exploratory visits to places during the year. Dungeness and the Isle of Grain have been earmarked for further exploration. Faversham piqued my interest, and warrants a longer visit. Trips to flesh out my “Margins” photo project were relatively few, mainly incorporating the north shore of the River Medway, which has turned into one of my regular haunts. I suppose I have managed to get some good images during the year.

Gear-wise, selling off some other hobby items enabled me to upgrade my DSLR from the Canon EOS 400D to the 7D. I also added an ƒ/2.8 70–300mm lens, and a few accessories like a remote shutter release and memory cards. There’s not a lot more I want to add to my gear, although I have one more lens I would like to acquire in the ƒ/2.8 17–70mm-ish range, and more memory cards and so on. My MacBook Pro will celebrate its fifth birthday in summer 2012, and it is just beginning to show its age. Aperture 3 gives it cause to struggle, and sadly I cannot add any more RAM to the machine to help. I’m looking at options such as a new, faster, bigger internal hard drive in order to eke out a little more life from it.

Looking to 2012, what do I wish for? I am ignoring the real world here, just looking at my own life. There is only really one thing I want: a proper full-time job. I need a nice regular income again. Life out here in the freelance artworker world is totally dead. The lack of a job has meant I have had to let another fantastic opportunity sail by without my boarding it. Later in the summer 2012, I had hoped I would be going on a photographic safari to Svalbard. Circumstances in 2011 meant I simply couldn’t commit to buying the flight tickets. So much for adventure.

I would also like to push to try and get some freelance model railway photography gigs. I’ve already blogged about that, but in the new year I intend to keep pushing at that stuck door. I am fed up with letting life pass me by. 2012 ought to be the year when I make every effort to get life moving again. 

If I don’t blog before, I would like to wish you all a merry Christmas, and my best wishes for the new year.

Resolutions? I’ve had a few.


I don’t do new year resolutions. My life is dull enough without adding a burden of more things I resolve not to do, or to do, or whatever.

One thing I do, and I think everyone does around this time of year, is take stock. I take a look back and see if there’s anything of which I could have done more, or at which I could have been better. The past twelve months, frankly, have been a wasteland of disasters and missed opportunities. It would take me a year just to review them before deciding to make amends.

Better to just move on, closing the door on the old year, if I can.

One thing I noticed while reviewing my blogging in 2010 was that I was pretty regular at it. The thing I also noticed was a drop-off in photography and hobby related posts in favour of barbed rants on politics, society and the media. While I feel it’s important to draw such things to your attention, perhaps 2011 ought to swing the balance back a little.

Therefore, I am making this one resolution: I will endeavour to talk more about the things that bring pleasure to my life, and less about the things that make my life a misery. 

I don’t make any guarantees this will last very long, but I am going to try. I am going to try and be more positive about my life, and to fix the things that have gone wrong as best I can. I am going to stop being such an ardent member of Team Grumpy.

Wish me luck!