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I suppose this outbreak of Union Jack bunting was inevitable given the perfect storm of both the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics this summer. The combination of the two has caused some companies to go so completely demented that they seem to have forgotten what the products they sell are actually for. Pampers, for example, have launched a range of Union Jack nappies:

Encouraging children to piss and shit on the Union Jack isn’t celebrating Britain, Pampers.

A blog that sums up everything that’s mad and bad about this outbreak of patriotism we’re suffering.

Johann Hari: This royal frenzy should embarrass us all

In most countries, parents can tell their kids that if they work hard and do
everything right, they could grow up to be the head of state and symbol of
their nation. Not us. Our head of state is decided by one factor, and one
factor alone: did he pass through the womb of one aristocratic Windsor woman
living in a golden palace? The US head of state grew up with a mother on
food stamps. The British head of state grew up with a mother on postage
stamps. Is that a contrast that fills you with pride?

A genuine belly laugh from the Independent today.

Signed, A Republican.

Republic | In the News

Camden Council has been accused of discrimination on the grounds of political belief after seeking to ban a republican street party, despite previous confirmation that the event could go ahead. The campaign group Republic, who have organised the party, have vowed to fight the decision.

Camden initially gave the go ahead in March for Earlham Street in Covent Garden to be the site of Republic’s party. But with just three weeks to go the Council has refused to provide a temporary traffic order to close Earlham Street, effectively banning the event altogether.

Bad Camden Council. I think I’d organise a flash mob on the day anyway.