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On positivity | Nick Miners Photography

I am, by nature, a “glass half empty” kind of person. There are times when I struggle to see the positive side to anything. There is much about life, my life in particular, for which I ought to be happy, but I still find myself in the company of that black dog from time to time—as many posts on this blog bear witness.

My friend Nick has written on his blog about being positive, especially in the light of events of the past day or so.

Negativity is easy. I see it as like falling into a pit; letting gravity do its work, you fall in, with nothing but the pit and negative people in sight, wallowing in the outrage. I see it all over – look at these AWFUL wedding photographers, and these HILARIOUS poor people at Wal-Mart. Yes, it might raise a smile, but the overriding feeling is one of negativity, almost celebrating the fact that we are not one of these people. Yet how do we know that these photographers are not happy, making a living doing something they enjoy, regardless of what we think of the results? Or that the people in the aisles in Wal-Mart are at ease with themselves enough that they feel the can go out shopping in those ill-fillting clothes without worrying about being judged?

via On positivity | Nick Miners Photography.

He’s quite right, of course. Read the whole post, and then you can join me in trying to look on the positive side of life again.

I could blame the media, with their ever-increasing desire for grimness.  That is, however, a bit of a cop-out. I don’t believe we actually need so many rolling news channels, but that’s another story. Yesterday’s “news” coverage of events in Woolwich came about as close as I have ever seen to showing someone actually being hacked to death live on TV. 

It’s obvious to anyone with eyes to see there are agendas being promoted all over the media. Sadly, there are plenty of people who lap up the ‘news’ and let it guide their own agendas. More people really need to wake up and see the media, the news media in particular, for the propaganda machines they have become.

It’s not easy, this climb to positivity, but it is worth every step. It starts by not believing everything you read in the papers or see on your TV. Learn to see behind the curtain, to see the mighty Wizard of Oz for what he really is.

BBC News – EU funding threatens Medway Queen restoration

The restoration of a paddle steamer which rescued Allied troops during the Dunkirk evacuations is under threat after European funding was suspended.

The Medway Queen took more than 7,000 men from beaches in Normandy in 1940.

Restoration work began last year with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund and the European Regional Development Fund.

The government said administrative errors had led to the suspension of EU funding and it was working to get payments released.

Restoration work on the ship’s hull began in Bristol last April with money from a £1.86m Heritage Lottery Grant.

For this project to founder would be an enormous shame, made worse by not being the fault of the project itself. I only hope some rich benefactor might step in to help if the funding problem isn’t sorted out in time.

Privatising our roads will be a terrible deal – just as it was for the telecoms and water industries

Einstein defined insanity as “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. In which case, going by his speech yesterday on overhauling Britain’s roads and airports, David Cameron is mad.

I don’t usually do personal, or rude. But if the prime minister really, truly thinks he can do what his predecessors have done over the past couple of decades and not cop precisely the same woeful mess that they did, then he’s bonkers. Gaga. A few Pret sandwiches short of the full picnic.

Strip away the novelty of a prime ministerial speech devoted to, um, tarmac and what the Tory leader proposes is pretty much what we have heard over and over, from Thatcher onwards. Every British prime minister of recent memory has turned to private businesses and investors to build and run hospitals, schools and tube services. Now Cameron wants them to take over our motorways and trunk roads, too.

via Guardian.co.uk

I can find no words, so I won’t even begin to write any.