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Does the BBC have to be quite so craven? | Yvonne Roberts | Comment is free | The Observer

Andrew Marr has just concluded three weeks of presenting The Diamond Queen on BBC One celebrating, and then some, the Queen‘s 60 years. Next to come, also on BBC One, is The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Song, warbled by Gary Barlow. The coverage so far appears determined to ensure that the colour du jour of the coming celebrations is not red, white and blue but a rather drab shade of fawn that does no good at all for the national visage.

So profound is the lilt to Liz that the BBC, normally (and erroneously) clobbered for a being signed-up member of the glorious Commonwealth (as in the 17th century), now stands charged with treason. In an era of alleged “balance”, the coverage of Her Majesty’s six decades on the throne, a crest of cringe, has been sharply criticised for being short of a republican or several. Or, come to that, even a mildly reformist royalist.

Censorship apparently rules OK. According to a leaked email, a producer for The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Song has written to someone in Australia called David, requesting access to Australian royalists, about as fruitful a task as seeking out nudists in Windsor Great Park.

The writer of the email, clearly no longer destined to become the BBC’s director-general, explains that an interview with Julia Gillard, the country’s prime minister, will not be suitable because she is “pro-republican”. This will not fit the programme’s “positive angle”. The producer adds: “We are not interested in hearing a personal bad word against the Queen.”

I have become more republican in outlook as I get older. I find I grumble at the TV over the grovelling attitude they seem to adopt to our monarch and retinue.

The LlewBlog – Bloggage – Why I have never, and can never, be a conservative

I am now seriously over 45 and I have had to accept I can never become a conservative. No matter how old I get I will never agree with the basic sentiments. My world view is just that, a world view, as opposed to a street view or a front window view.

In the UK we have just finished a long period of Labour government which we now know was led by people with such a narrow conservative outlook they made the traditional British Conservative party look positively benign.

However I’m not interested in the capital C conservative party, just like the Labour party they are now beyond all doubt, a devalued and morally defunct organization with dwindling broad support and membership riddled with corruption and self serving vanity. I totally respect and support the right of people to express their conservative opinions, but I’m never going to agree with them.

Link to the full blog post by Robert Llewellyn.

Steven Neary | The Court of Protection | Latest update.

Mr Justice Mostyn sitting on the last day before the Christmas vacation has just decided that Steven Neary shall be returned to his Father permanently in time for Christmas.

Remember this sad, sad story a while ago? Thankfully, common sense has prevailed and young Steven will be reunited with his father soon.

I needed some good news. There’s too much bad news floating about these days.

We have the cenotaph: we don’t need more memorials | Julian Glover

Britain has always marked its warriors to excess, which is why London has three times more war memorials than schools. To Victor Hugo it was a city with “statues of three or four Georges, one of whom was an idiot… For having drilled the infantry, a statue. For having commanded the Horse Guards, on manoeuvres, a statue.

Julian Glover makes the case for rethinking the British fondness for memorialising war. I think he has a point.