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One minute, you’re relaxing on holiday… – Angry Mob

The next, someone contacts you to tell you that you’re in the Daily Mail and you soon realise that whilst you were out of the country someone had grabbed your life, twisted out of all recognition and published it to the world.

Welcome to the story of Hayley Quinn who this happened to in October.

The Daily Fail at it again. I honestly don’t know why people keep buying this rag. Do they know most of the stuff it publishes is simply made up? Do they read everything in the paper as if it was fiction anyway?

My neighbour reads the Mail. I’ve had to put her straight a number of times when she has regurgitated falsehoods she’s “read in the paper”. Is there any point in me worrying about it?

E–Mil, Illegitimate Sprogs And The Mail’s F Grade In History, 29/09/10, Hollyzone

First major political figure in British history not to be married to the mother of his children?

Poor Charles II. Forgotten again, and by a very Royalist newspaper. 🙁


Do follow the link and read the whole article. Why do people read the Daily Mail or Daily Express? Is it just for the puzzles or the cartoons?