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Badger cull: not in this farmer’s name | Steve Jones | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

So as Defra ministers sign the death sentence for thousands of England’s badgers, my message to them is this. Not in my name. Not in my name should you hoodwink the public into thinking that killing badgers will help struggling farmers, because you are betraying farmers with this unscientific policy. If you really wanted to help farming, you would help it reform and modernise, you’d actively support rather than hinder badger vaccination, you’d take the fight to Europe to green-light cattle vaccination. But instead, it’s far cheaper and easier to just let farmers kill badgers.

More than 120,000 people so far have signed an e-petition calling for the government to kill the cull. For the sake of democracy, science, animal welfare, conservation and farming, I hope they listen.

Good piece. I have signed the petition. I urge you to do likewise.