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Still here!

Just in case you thought I’d fallen off the planet or something, here’s a quick update on life in Snaptophobic Towers.

I’ve been seduced by Google+. If you have been, too, you can search for me by name and add me to a circle or three. I’m bound to reciprocate.

Meanwhile, I am guaranteed at least another week of freelancing at the Treacle Mines in Folkestone. After that, well, who knows. I hope they may ask me back for the odd month or two every now and then. Meanwhile, I am still looking for a proper full time job, although I am open to offers of freelance design stuff if it comes along. If I can get a month on, month off in Folkestone I will still be a happy camper.

A while ago I thought it might be useful to acquire a bicycle. To put this in context, I haven’t actually ridden a bicycle since I passed my driving test in the very early 1980s. However, venturing forth with the camera gear has shown me that it would be useful on occasion to be able to extend my range after parking the car, beyond what I can comfortably walk. Rather than all the palaver with bike racks and whatnot, I thought a folding bike would be perfect. Initially, I was looking at the small-wheeled commuter variety, which are designed to fold up into fairly small spaces for storage and transport. However, I wasn’t convinced such a contraption would be able to adequately cope with the occasional off-road adventure I might encounter.

Luckily, there is a larger folding bike available, a mountain bike style lightweight frame with 26in wheels and 21 gears. It’s not as compact as the commuter style, but I felt it would still fit in the car with the back seats down. 

Today, I visited the bike store, tried the bike in the car, liked what I saw and bought it, well a black one rather than the white one I tested*. I need to make some space to store the thing at home, so I will collect it next weekend. If nothing else, I hope it will encourage me to get out in the open, exercising, and losing some weight. There’s also the whole new galaxy of accessories and gizmos aimed at cyclists I can spend my money on. I suspect the first things I’ll buy are a more comfortable saddle and a sensible bike lock. 

I’m really looking forward to it! There will be photos once I have the machine in my possession. Stay tuned.



*Due to poor communication, I have apparently bought the white one. The black model has a £20 premium which pushed it outside my budget. =o