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Avebury – a set on Flickr

A set of photos from my first ever visit to Avebury. I must go back one day. It’s a place that really needs to be lived in or near for a while so you can learn its moods. A couple of hours dodging other tourists is not the best way to understand something so large and so ancient, in my opinion.

What’s Avebury? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avebury

Link to Flickr for those not blighted by Flash.

Upnor – a set on Flickr

Another Dawn Raid. Another visit to Upnor, because it’s not too far from home and I hadn’t really planned anything further afield.

I was surprised to discover it’s been almost a year since my last visit, and you’d have thought I might have exhausted the photographic possibilities of the village. However, I found quite a lot to feast my lens on.

As ever, for iDevices, the Flash-free link to my Flickr photostream set.

Trashcam Project’s Photostream


In case you have missed this on its rounds of the internets, there’s a bunch of photographers in Germany using wheeled refuse bins as pinhole cameras.

Trashcam Project is an amazing idea, and I love the fact the photo captions on Flickr give an idea of exposure times and techniques used. There are some amazing images in the stream, and it is set to continue. One to watch.

Angles | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


It’s funny how sometimes my brain decides that all the interesting and fun things I usually enjoy doing are actually pretty boring. For some reason, this bank holiday weekend is one of those where I entered The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul almost as soon as I woke up on Good Friday morning.

Perhaps a nice hot cup of coffee will awaken my interest again.

March Dawn – a set on Flickr

As ever, for those without the gift of Flash, please follow this link.

I got up early this morning to go out to Hoo St Werburgh again, this time with a friend keen to try out his new camera.

I made the conscious decision to shoot black and white. The hazy early morning landscape sort of lent itself to mono today, with very little colour visible even when the sun had risen quite high.

I am quite pleased with the results. Strange as it may sound, I think I am maturing as a landscape photographer. I feel able to pick my subjects, and capture them, without trying too hard. Most of the images I took today are acceptable, but I am getting much better at editing down to the very best, which is why those uploaded represent about ten per cent of the total frames I took.

Breakfast 366 – February – a set on Flickr

I’ve managed to stumble through my second month of the 366 Breakfast Project. February with 29 days, as it’s a leap year, obviously.

Overall, I am pleased with some of the images I managed to get. I do think the restricted theme is helping my creativity a bit. However, there are still 10 months to go, some 306 breakfasts to photograph. I hope I can maintain the flow.

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For those sans Flash (and who isn’t these days?) here’s February on Flickr.