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»The reinvention of Macromedia’s Freehand«

Now that’s a step in the right direction. I wish I had the cash to be able to make a pledge and support this.

The backstory here is Macromedia FreeHand was absorbed into Adobe some years ago. I think Adobe were after Dreamweaver and Flash technologies, frankly. The upshot was the main competitor to Adobe Illustrator was wiped from the face of the planet. There are still some of us out here working with FreeHand, but it’s a case of maintaining legacy systems to support an ailing software, and it’s not sustainable in the long term.

I am always looking for Illustrator/FreeHand alternatives, and I’ve tried a couple. I am currently road-testing something called Sketch, which shows much promise. The problem is most of these smaller developers can’t hope to match all the features of FreeHand. I wish Quasado every success, and I shall be watching progress with interest.