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If there was one car I could own

If you have an interesting looking car, people come up and talk to you about it. My Citroën SM is now entering my 21st year or ownership so, over the years, I’ve got reasonably used to this, though my social grace occasionally lets me down. Sometimes the speaker is highly informed and might tell you something you don’t know. Sometimes they are like-minded enthusiasts who just want to make a pleasant comment or know a bit more. Sometimes they just want to ask the same pointless questions – constantly re-occurring are “is that the one that goes up and down / the headlamps turn / has a Maserati engine / Burt Reynolds drove off the dock in The Mean Machine?”. These questions all get a polite but terse ‘Yes’, but the two questions I find it more difficult to answer are “‘Is that a classic then?” and “How much is it worth?”

Ever since I was quite tiny I’ve had a crush on the Citroën SM. There is something about the shape that I just love. This excellent post at Driven To Write is an extended long term test drive (aka ownership and everyday driving) of the futuristic 1970s Citroën, and simply makes me want one even more than ever.

Sport & GTs au Mans Classic – Sale N° 2138 – Lot N° 217 | Artcurial | Briest – Poulain – F. Tajan

Oh my. A prototype version of my favourite car of all time up for sale! I’ve had to screengrab because the embedded plugin won’t translate to the blog.

I recommend a visit to the actual site for more fabulous photos and a short video of this machine, the Citroën SM Espace prototype—one of two prototypes built in 1971. The auction site requires Flash, sadly.

I’ve been in love with the SM since childhood. The shape, the futuristic design, and the colour in this particular case… j’adore. I wish I could own one.

A “standard” model came up for sale in the UK recently. It was the same electric metallic blue, and was available for a cool £29,000. Truly a classic collector’s car, and out of my price bracket.

More information about the Citroën SM on Wikipedia.

Original link via Things Magazine.