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Looking for work and a plea


As you know, if you are a regular reader of this blog, I take a mean photo of scale models, if I do say so myself. You’ve seen some of my images and can judge for yourself, but I do think I have the knack.


I have been trying on and off for the past couple of years to gain a foothold in the UK modelling press as a freelance photographer of models, layouts, etc. I had a colour portfolio booklet printed, which I sent out to several editors and publishers. Disappointingly, I only got one indirect response, and even that hasn’t led to any work. I just can’t seem to break into the business at all, and I don’t know why.

Download this file

Rather than go for a reprint of the portfolio with updated images, I have opted for a PDF version instead. Hopefully, you can click to download it from the image above. It’s around 3MB. Please download it and share it around with my blessings. If you can’t download it, please let me know and I can email a copy or provide it somewhere a download works as expected.

So, I need to ask a favour. If you know anyone in the print or publishing industries in the UK who deals with railway or other modelling titles, I would like to get contacts for editors and publishers for those titles. Personal contacts and recommendations would be even better. Please pass on to them my portfolio, point them at this blog and my Flickr collection of model images

I really want to start getting some work in the model railway press in the coming year. I don’t ask for much, just a break to get my toe in the door would help. Thank you for your indulgence.


Rant Ahead

I’m sorry. I’m fed up.

Everywhere I turn at the moment, I’m surrounded by iPhone and iPad noise. Almost every photography podcast I subscribe to has become iPad crazy. I can’t move for tweets or blogs about apps for this, that and the other.

I’m fed up with it.

It’s not I don’t appreciate the technology. Obviously, developers and users have found Nirvana in the Apple shiny things, and good luck to them. The problem is more that I am unable to follow where my digital mentors are leading.

I can’t afford an iPad. I can’t afford an iPhone. Therefore, it strikes me that I am now a second class citizen.

And it’s pissed me off.

Once the iFad has passed, I hope the podcasters and bloggers I follow will settle back into the business of helping me make pictures, and preferably without referring me to their latest app.

Thank you for letting me vent.