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King Ell

Dear Subjects,

I object to apostrophe misuse in my realm. If you feel the way I do, next time you spot an errant apostrophe please email an image to kingell@barries.net. I will fix it as soon as I can. Sadly, the error won’t be corrected in the real world, but at least you will gain immense satisfaction when the misplaced and missing apostrophes you’ve found are put right on here. You can also click the ‘Shop’ link above, to show your support for the King.

via King Ell.

A worthy cause. I hate to see apostrophes abused.

Barnet council goes easy on punctuation excellence | Carrie Dunn | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk

Sauntering down my local high street, I spied this little poster. Except it’s not so little, it’s emblazoned across a bus shelter. And it’s advertising the excellence of Barnet’s primary schools, boasting a fine example of a toe-curling grocer’s apostrophe.

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