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Hoo St Werburgh, revisited – a set on Flickr

I’m always drawn back to the north shore of the Medway for some reason. Hoo St Werburgh is blessed with a marina, but is also the final resting place of many working boats. I visited for the first time towards the end of September 2009, and I made a return visit this morning.

I tend to be a fair weather photographer, for no real reason than I like to be comfortable when I am out with the camera. I ought to pay the river a visit when it is cold and wet, later in the year. I think I also ought to try and catch the tide when it’s in. There’s only so much mud you can photograph!

BBC News – PM rules out Thames Estuary airport plan

The government has ruled out proposals to build a major airport in the Thames Estuary or Kent to increase flight capacity for London.

The Prime Minister told the House of Commons the government had no plans to construct a new airport in the area.

See? An outbreak of common sense at Westminster, too!

I emailed my local MP about this very issue only yesterday. I got a letter in the mail today — today, mark you, 24 hours later — agreeing with me and stating she would be supporting all calls to reject any proposals for an airport at Hoo or in the Thames Estuary.

Tracey Crouch MP has gone up a notch in my estimation. She might be a Tory, I didn’t vote for her, but she seems to be okay.