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Loved and loathed – the armoured knights of the National Grid | Art and design | The Guardian

Skeletal giants, armoured knights of the National Grid, a regiment of electricity pylons has marched across our landscapes for the past 80 years. There are those who find these many-armed steel masts daunting, brutal and even loathsome.

There are those who campaign for high-voltage electricity cables to be buried underground, at great cost, wherever possible. There are others, like Stephen Spender who went so far as to write a – dreadful – poem about them: “Pylons, those pillars/Bare like nude, giant girls that/have no secret.” Today, there is even a Pylon Appreciation Society, such is the mix of awe and fascination these divisive structures have on our collective imagination.

Wolverton – death of a station


Following up on the last post about our researches into Wolverton Station, here’s a set of images taken over something like a 10 year period, documenting the decline and fall of a grand old Victorian railway station.

Click the photo or the Flickr link to see the rest of the set.

I should add we ordered a copy of the 1938 1:2500 Ordnance Survey of the area today. Hopefully, it will give us some important dimensional information.

The recurring newspaper of Tinseltown


Who’d have thought art departments couldn’t be bothered to cook up fake newspapers for their shows? It seems art directors fall back on using the same prop newspaper time and again, and it appears to have become a sort of in-joke in the US TV and movie world.

Wonderful. I liked the comment made about web sites. The BBC, in particular, has spent a good deal of time making backup “fake” web sites for some of their sci-fi and drama productions. It makes you wonder why Tinseltown can’t muster the same level of skills.