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NHS among developed world’s most efficient health systems, says study | Society | The Guardian

I haven’t had a rant here for a while. I shall now break my self-imposed embargo, but I make no apology. This is important.

The NHS is one of the most cost-effective health systems in the developed world, according to a study (pdf) published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

via NHS among developed world’s most efficient health systems, says study | Society | The Guardian.

It’s become very fashionable in the UK media to churn out the government line that the NHS is failing. Almost every day recently we’ve been informed of problems, such as increasing death rates, failing hospitals, failing care standards, and more, in a calculated campaign to misinform. Yet, when you actually look at our National Health Service critically, it’s not doing a bad job at all.

The media is helping the Conservative-led government in its ideological destruction of the National Health Service. The government is quietly, without a mandate—none of this was in the 2010 Tory election manifesto—working to privatise our National Health Service. With the scandalous help of our news media, happily glossing over the truth, health services in England are being sold to the highest bidder. The NHS is being privatised by stealth, by a government that hopes we’re all too stupid, too fixated on The Voice, Britain’s Got Talent, a royal baby, or other distractions such as immigration, to notice.

Guess who gets to benefit most from these changes? Guess how many government ministers and associates have fingers in the private health care pie. Here’s a link to a page that lists all the MPs and lords who would benefit from privatising health care in the UK.

Nearly a decade ago, I suffered a urinary tract blockage. I couldn’t pee, and I was in a hell of a lot of pain. I was admitted to A&E—funnily enough, to one of those hospitals now in “Special Measures”, whatever the hell that means—and shortly after underwent emergency surgery. I’ve had follow-up care for several years to ensure the same thing didn’t occur again. All of that medical aid was free at the point of use, paid for through general taxation. I am pretty certain most, if not all of us, can cite examples of how the NHS has helped us through our lives like that.

If the Tories get their way, such treatment would have cost me thousands of pounds, even if I had a health insurance policy. Privatising a nation’s health is NOT the way forward.

The NHS has been there throughout my life. It helped my mother when I was born. It helped me with inoculations to prevent me getting diseases like polio or tuberculosis. It fixed my broken arm when I was five. It helped my mother bring my baby sister into the world. The NHS has helped me and my family and my friends when they needed it, from cradle to grave, and it continues to help me and my partner with ongoing health care. We must cherish our NHS, and which was brought to life 65 years ago by those who realised we needed a better way to care for all the people in this country.

Don’t let short-sighted “here today, gone tomorrow” politicians line their own pockets by selling off a jewel in Britain’s crown.

Don’t let them lie to you about how the NHS is “failing” or “broken”: it isn’t.