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BBC News – Kent rail links “may become part of Boris’s empire”

A Kent MP is meeting London transport bosses over fears that the city may take over the running of some of the county’s train services.

Michael Fallon, who represents Sevenoaks, is concerned that his constituents could end up with a worse and more expensive service.

Boris Johnson believes routes to Dartford and Sevenoaks will improve if they are managed from London.

But Mr Fallon says many passengers cannot hold Mr Johnson to account.

BoJo’s at it again. He can’t keep his mitts off stuff that doesn’t concern him. He’ll have to go. Please, Londoners, vote for anyone else in the May election. Anyone but Boris, please.

Stop the Estuary Airport | Email Boris

Help us to oppose the estuary airport scheme by emailing Boris direct.

BoJo is at it again.

Visit the site linked above, which is supported by Medway Council, Kent County Council and the RSPB, and send an email to the Mayor of London registering your displeasure. I have.

I’ve only just discovered the North Kent Marshes, despite having lived in the area for over two decades. I like the fact there is such a large area of wilderness, sandwiched between the Thames and Medway. I like the fact the unique landscape of marshland is home to all kinds of wildlife, and to hardy souls who live in scattered communities across the Hoo Peninsula. It saddens me that the Mayor of London persists in trying to destroy this place, with some pie-in-the-sky dream of enticing some 75 million Chinese to buy duty free tat as they swap planes for an onward journey to who knows where!

Republic | In the News

Camden Council has been accused of discrimination on the grounds of political belief after seeking to ban a republican street party, despite previous confirmation that the event could go ahead. The campaign group Republic, who have organised the party, have vowed to fight the decision.

Camden initially gave the go ahead in March for Earlham Street in Covent Garden to be the site of Republic’s party. But with just three weeks to go the Council has refused to provide a temporary traffic order to close Earlham Street, effectively banning the event altogether.

Bad Camden Council. I think I’d organise a flash mob on the day anyway.

BBC News – Residents vote in favour of Dover ‘People’s Port’

The residents of Dover have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a plan to try to buy the town’s port.

In a referendum organised by the Dover People’s Port Trust, 5,244 people voted in favour, with 113 against.

The result, which is non-binding on the government, was a reaction to Dover Harbour Board’s privatisation plans.

Dover MP Charlie Elphicke said: “I hope this will give strength to the campaign to ensure the port of Dover is owned by the people of Dover.’

I like this idea. I hope it will be successful, too.

BBC News – MP calls for action on Dartford Crossing traffic jams

The Dartford Tunnel and Queen Elizabeth II bridge cross the River Thames between Dartford and Thurrock.

They form a link in the M25 motorway, carrying about 150,000 vehicles a day.

Actually, pedantically, the crossings are not part of the M25 at all. The orbital motorway joins each end of the A282.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: remove the tolls and the congestion will almost miraculously dissipate.

Oh dear

Bungling council bosses in Dover posted a beautiful picture of the iconic White Cliffs on their site.

The only problem was it was the wrong cliffs!

Dover Town Council has now been forced to admit the cliffs pictured on its website weren’t Dover’s.

You really couldn’t make it up. Loving the comments below the story, by the way.

Here’s how I would go about researching a suitable photo for this project. Go to Flickr.com, type “white cliffs of dover” in the search field, find a photo that fits the bill and contact the photographer about whether it can be used or not. Or do the same with almost any stock photography web site.

What sort of amateurs did Dover Town Council engage for their web site?

BBC News – Anger over revised plans for airport on Hoo peninsula

Campaigners against a new airport in Kent have expressed anger that seven years after winning a fight against the plan it is now being reconsidered.

Boris needs to keep his posh hooter out of Kent. We don’t need another airport, especially not one imposed from outside.

Here’s a link to Medway Council leader’s comments on the proposals. He’s not happy, it seems. Quite rightly so.