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So you think you can design a logo? | Patrick Burgoyne | CiF | guardian.co.uk

How many logos have you seen today? Perhaps you maintain a lofty disdain for such things, but logos are unavoidable and, in their own way, quite remarkable. With a few lines, a good logo can articulate the aims of a charity or symbolise a city.

Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank. Designer: Anton Stankowski, 1974

Logos today get a pretty bad press: “How much? My 12-year-old could have done that.” Often, that’s true, sort of. Take the Deutsche Bank logo. Created in 1974 by artist and designer Anton Stankowski, it consists of a blue box with an oblique line inside: that’s it. And yet it represents a multibillion-pound business. Any self-respecting pre-teen with a ruler and a felt tip could have made a decent stab at it, a fact not lost on German newspaper Bild Zeitung which, at the time of the logo’s launch, wrote a disbelieving story headlined “Artist gets 100,000 Marks for five lines” (he didn’t get that much, by the way).

As an erstwhile designer, I face the never-ending problem that clients think they know more about my job than I do. No amount of explanation will convince them otherwise, so I end up being very disheartened with the entire game.