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America’s permanent robot war | Tom Engelhardt | CiF | guardian.co.uk

“The drone,” writes Jim Lobe of Inter Press Service, “has increasingly become the [Obama] administration’s ‘weapon of choice’ in its efforts to subdue al-Qaida and its affiliates.” In hundreds of attacks over the last years in the Pakistani tribal borderlands, they have killed thousands, including al-Qaida figures, Taliban militants and civilians. They have played a significant and growing role in the skies over Afghanistan. They are now loosing their missiles ever more often over Yemen, sometimes over Libya, and less often over Somalia. Their bases are spreading. No one in Congress will be able to resist them. They are defining the new world of war for the 21st century—and many of the humans who theoretically command and control them can hardly keep up.

Worrying, but inevitable. Watch out for a drone near you.


BBC News – RAF airman blogging from Afghanistan’s front line


I’ve been following Royal Air Force Sgt Ford on Twitter, and his blog, for a little while. I have found it inspiring and moving.

I have always been against our military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, but I will always fully support the men and women sent out to do the dirty work at the behest of nobody politicians.

Follow Sgt Alex Ford on http://twitter.com/RAFairman and on his blog http://rafairman.wordpress.com