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Photography podcasts

The other day I was bemoaning the fact that many of the photography podcasts I listen to are resolutely based in the USA. The same voices kept reappearing, some of which were getting intensely irritating in a whiney west coast way, and it was increasingly obvious to me that I wasn’t learning anything from them any more. Too much blather about new software and hardware, and too little blather about actual photography. I also noticed a lot of talk about lighting, whereas I am a keen natural light photographer. The only flash I own is part of my camera body, and it very rarely gets deployed. While I am interested in new gear, I’m not going to be spending money on it, so I want more general photographic information over technolust.

Be that as it may, I was pointed at a UK-based podcast that had previously slipped my notice. I subscribed to it over the weekend, and I had a marathon catch-up session yesterday. 

Giles Babbidge (@gilesbabbidge on Twitter) is a professional photographer based down on the South Coast of England. He runs a blog/web site entitled The Active Photographer, produces a weekly podcast of the same name, and a Facebook page if you feel so inclined, while also working hard for a living.

I have to say, I am pretty impressed. Giles tends to record his weekly podcast in an off-the-cuff style, often while on a location or out for a walk. He also records interesting chats with his former university lecturer. Things frequently wander off on tangents, or down little parenthetical byways, but equally frequently contain useful real world information.

I am happy that I now have a regular podcast with a UK-based photographer.

Some Link Love

I follow a small number of photo-related blogs, Twitter peeps, sites, and podcasts. It’s about time I shared the ones I like the most. You may like them as well.

I tend to read blogs and listen to podcasts that I find help me learn and grow in photography. All of the following do that in spades. I particularly point folk at those with podcasts. Enjoy, with my compliments.


I claim Nick as a friend, although most of our friendship is conducted via the medium of the Internet. He’s a very talented photographer, yet he’s not precious about sharing his knowledge with lesser mortals. Nick’s on Twitter as @nickminers


Mark Casey is another talented tog, a mutual acquaintance with Nick, and another whose friendship is mainly conducted via the Internet. Mark on Twitter @SFGPhoto


I will let the founders explain: “NameTBC is a site for photographers of all levels who are interested in the technology behind the tools they use and the way the internet and social networking has changed the world of photography beyond recognition.” Follow them on Twitter @nameTBC


Scott Bourne has been in the photography business a long time. Photofocus is more of a magazine than a blog and, like nameTBC, provides links and comment on all manner of photography topics. There’s also a listener questions-generated podcast — follow the link on the home page — which comes out on the 5th, 15th and 25th of every month, come what may. Follow Scott on Twitter @ScottBourne


Ted Forbes is a US-based photographer. He produces two podcasts, The Art of Photography, and The Photography Show co-hosted with Wade Griffith. The first is video-based, covering all kinds of aspects of the art of photography, from first principles, history, large format cameras, pinhole cameras, and plenty more. The Photography Show is a more freeform animal, where the two hosts bounce off each other, with humour and insight in abundance. You can find Ted on Twitter @tedforbes, as you can Wade @wadegriffith


Chris Marquardt is a photographer and multimedia producer, based in Tübingen, southern Germany. He has an infectious style and energy, runs the Tips From The Top Floor podcast (over 500 episodes strong, follow the podcast link on the home page), his own blog (www.chrismarquardt.com), and still has time run workshops around the globe. Oh yeah, he’s also on Twitter @chrismarquardt


Martin lives and works in Tokyo, Japan. He recently took the steps of becoming a naturalised Japanese citizen, and leaving his day job and stepping into the world of professional photography. His enhanced podcasts have been inspirational to me, and following Martin’s wider journey has also been fascinating. A thriving forum has grown around the podcast, too. Unsurprisingly, Martin is on Twitter @MartinBailey


Jeff Curto’s Camera Position photography podcasts deal with the why of photography over the how and discuss the essential qualities of the medium from the point of view of the creative photographer. Follow Jeff on Twitter @jeffcurto


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