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Charlie Brooker: How to fix the missing British summer – and other irritations | Comment is free | The Guardian

On and on it goes. It’s got to the point where pulling back the curtains each morning feels like waking up in jail. No, worse: like waking up inside a monochrome Czechoslovakian cartoon about waking up in jail. The outdoor world is illuminated by a weak, grey, diseased form of light that has fatally exhausted itself crawling through the gloomy stratospheric miasma before perishing feebly on your retinas. Everything is a water feature. We’re on the Planet of the Snails. Cameron’s Britain.

It’s quite rare for one of Mr Brooker’s columns to elicit a full on chuckle from me, but this passage certainly did.

500px / Photo “English Summer 2012” by Heather Kavanagh


We’ve had a string of heavy storms across the south-east this afternoon. Once they reach my neck of the woods they get stuck in the Medway valley, where they roll around and around until they run out of steam. About every half an hour or so we get a bout of torrential rain, impressive bolts of lightning and some glorious rumbling thunder. These storms simply don’t seem to be running out of puff.