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Street Furniture

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Street Furniture, a set on Flickr.

Inspired by a friend’s recording of local street signs, I felt an urge to record the street furniture and ironwork in the roadways and paths of the small estate where I live.

I plan to revisit this set. As a photo project, it only takes an hour or so, which is handy if any changes take place. For now, I am happy I have recorded some remaining items from the original building date of the estate.

The WWI British Biplane on a Rooftop in Lower Manhattan – Metropolis – WSJ

For years, Shawn Hakimian has wondered why a World War I fighter plane sits on the roof of 77 Water Street.

“It’s not every day you see an airplane taking off from a New York City building,” says Hakimian, a developer whose 75 Wall Street condominiums have views onto the roof of the neighboring Water Street building and the biplane that is parked there, on a landing strip lined with runway lights. “It’s one of our buyers’ most commonly asked questions.”

Brought to you from me via the ever-fascinating Things Magazine blog. Click the link below the snippet, or you can click here.

MARTS Bexon Lane 8/11 | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


Over the past week or so, Best Beloved and I have been paying visits to his amateur radio club’s annual field trip. They haven’t gone far, just to the other side of Sittingbourne at a large, well-equipped Scout campsite. Several members have set up camp and stayed the whole fortnight, while others can only make it for weekends.

Essentially, though, it’s all about amateur radio, with numerous masts and antennae set up around the field, and almost every tent noisy with the sounds of transmitting and receiving signals of all kinds around the planet.

Not being terribly interested in the radio side, I left BB chatting technicalities and wandered about with the camera. I had no idea what I wanted to photograph, so having documented the various masts and so on, I got down a bit closer, to the details and odd little things that caught my eye.

This is one image, part of a set of 16, that have been added to my Flickr “Stuff” stream.

Progress | Flickr – Photo Sharing!


The price of progress. Twenty gigabytes today is roughly equivalent to a 1.4MB floppy diskette in terms of what it can hold.

There seem to be lots of homeless hard drives about my studio at the moment. Some are of sensible sizes, around 80GB, salvaged from busted external enclosures or defunct laptops. Others—like this one—are mere doorstops, as their capacity is just too small in this day and age. I haven’t the heart to destroy them.

Stuff – a set on Flickr

I doubt I’m alone in this, but I occasionally indulge in a ramble through my own Flickr sets – chiefly to remind myself what I have up there.

I have a this set called “Stuff”, where I upload images that don’t fit into the other categories. There’s a fair old collection of oddities up there now, so please take a few minutes to stroll through the random collection of 211 images.