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A Quiet Day at my desk

It’s been a quiet day today, because I have been feeling very down. I don’t think the dreary and damp weather helped, nor did the larger-than-usual credit card bill.

Still, I have been fiddling about with Corel Painter again. I wish I could draw properly. I sketch, doodle, but can’t claim to any real skill in the art. I get by, I guess. At least Painter lets me undo if I ruin something! I think I expect too much of myself and the software, really.

Both these images are based on my original photos. On the rusty link image, I cloned in some of the photo to give me back a bit of the pitted metal texture. They’re no Da Vinci or Rembrandt, but it helped me keep my head clear during a tough old day.

The bigger picture

The government said tackling poor basic skills was a top priority.

Yes, of course, they would say that. They don’t mean it, though. Obviously.

BBC News – Pride in poor maths culture ‘must be tackled’

I had poor maths teaching at school. In fact, I think my entire school career was an experiment on behalf of the council and education authorities. If I didn’t have access to calculators, I’d be all but innumerate. Luckily, I managed to escape with reasonable qualifications in other areas.

But this is hiding the bigger picture—which only hit me this morning as I read the story linked to above. This wringing of hands about poor education standards has been going on for at least thirty years now. Yet, standards seem to be slipping lower and lower.

This is the bigger picture: the lower orders must be kept uneducated at all costs. Standards are being lowered, because that’s what the Powers That Be want.

You see, if the lower orders are literate and numerate, they will begin to want to better themselves. They will begin to see behind the curtain, and realise that those “elected” to govern have no real interest in the rest of us. Provided we can be kept ignorant, provided with adequate food and alcohol, and distracted with the likes of X-Factor and Strictly Come Don’t Look Over There, the PTB can continue to destroy everything we hold dear while they feather their own nests.

It’s sickening.

My resolution to post more about the nicer things in life hasn’t lasted very well. I can only apologise, but sometimes I need to get this stuff off my chest. Despite some of the planet’s population doing their best to restore sanity in their part of the world (Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, etc), the “elites” seem ever more intent on maintaining the insanity, as it’s in their favour.

I’m cross now. I’ll be over there, lying in a darkened room with a cool towel on my forehead.