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I’ll never understand

I don’t understand WordPress. My brain is unable to encompass what WordPress does.

Yesterday I set up a page to let me aggregate information about my model work. I came back to the page today in order to see what else I can do with it.

All I can do is edit it. Um, so, um, how do I, like, you know, add new posts to the page? I thought that was what it was for.

Wrong. Page deleted.

I’m getting too old for this internet stuff.

It’s not you, it’s me


I’ve always been a “nook surfer”. What that means is I tend to haunt the same places on the internet, rarely letting my mouse take me places I don’t know, or “feeling lucky” as Google puts it. I’m happy with being a nook surfer. I’m not a terribly adventurous person at the best of times, so staying within boundaries online kind of suits me.

I’m not afraid of the internet. I’m not anti-internet. I’ve been designing web sites since the late 1990s. I am still a big fan of email. I am a member on several special interest forums, active on a few, a lurker on the rest. I eventually figured out what a blog was, and dived in with both feet, several times over. I’ve been hooked by Twitter, fallen in and then out of love with Facebook, and share my passions with Flickr and Google+. I am an online social animal, partly driven by working from home for much of the last decade or so. My online life gives me the social interaction I would normally get from co-workers.

Only, of late, I’ve been falling out of love with my online world.

At first, I thought it was down to too much information. This stuff is addictive at times, so I forced myself to step away from the screen and keyboard, and do stuff that didn’t involve a computer. This worked for a spell, and I returned feeling refreshed and excited again.

Since the start of the year, though, I find I have once again fallen out of love. The usual places I frequent bore me. There’s no sparkle any more. I don’t feel the excitement and interest that was there before.

I’ve been working on the modelling bench since the start of January, between spells of trying to get a client interested in their web site project, and I think I’ve remembered there is more to life than sharing links, nattering about stuff and pretending to get annoyed with the world like it makes a difference. I do get annoyed with the world, but that’s another story, as copious posts on this blog bear witness.

2013 has seen the start of active monthly photowalks with new friends. We do share the results online, but beyond that my online interest wanes rapidly. I was all over Google+ a while ago, but these days I find it’s too much. There’s just too much information, too many people. I could prune back my circles, limit my interactions, but even then it all feels so overwhelming. Right now, I’m using G+ as a promotional tool for the photowalks. Twitter just sits there in the corner, and lets me vent my spleen, or follow interesting ideas, limited enough that I can keep up. Flickr is still my main photo sharing space, and I am favouring a hobby forum over others right now. I’ve stepped back from things to a degree, which is probably a good thing. I don’t plan on dropping all online interaction. Too many of my friends are spread too far afield to do that, and online is the only realistic way to keep up with them.

I’ve been giving serious thought to giving up the “day job”. I’ve been trying to find a proper paid job for some time now, and it’s increasingly obvious I won’t be working in the design world again. Those interviews I managed to secure have proved either I’m too good for the position, or I’m barking up the wrong tree entirely. I’m planning on scaling back Imagic Design—if you can scale back something that’s all but dormant. The business bank account will be closed (it costs money to run, after all), and I’ll deregister from VAT (never entirely sure why I registered anyway). I am considering moving into other areas of likely income, all the while looking for any job that pays me a regular wage. Something’ll turn up.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll share my journey here, assuming I can get off my arse and make a go of things.

Dear Mr Zuckerberg

“Thanks for your feedback. Over time, this information helps us deliver more relevant adverts to you.”

I don’t want relevant ads. In fact I don’t want ads at all. You’ve managed to provide me with even less relevant ads each time, so why even bother to provide me with that platitude when I explain why I don’t want the stupid ads? If I dismiss an ad for a poxy mobile phone I don’t desire, why serve it up again? Who are you to tell me I need to lose weight? Do you really think I’m at all interested in credit cards, foreign holidays, satellite television, or a million-and-one other things? None of the ads you’ve ever served up have been relevant to me, ever.

I realise I’m just advertising fodder to make you even richer, but please just stop it. I have an adblocker installed in my browser. Sadly, you keep circumventing it, and it’s beginning to wear my patience thinner. Every time I refresh the page, I have to block the same ad again. It’s boring, but I refuse to kowtow and let you litter my home page and profile page with adverts for stuff I don’t want.

I know you’re not listening to me. If you were, you’d have deleted my account for me due to the expletives I’ve showered across the comments box each time I dismiss an ad. I’m only remaining a member of your stupid social network because all my friends are there and I enjoy the company. If it wasn’t for my loyalty to my friends, I’d never have joined in the first place.

So, don’t take me for granted. I may just be one tiny fish swimming against the tide, but I’m sure I’m not alone. Eventually, we might turn on you, and you’ll be left with the smoking remains of a social network and only your billions of dollars for company.

Well, I can dream.