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BBC News – Toulouse shootings: Inside the gunman’s flat

Video footage has been released showing the inside of the Toulouse apartment of Mohamed Merah, the man who shot dead seven people.

Tabloid voyeurism of the worst kind. This, to my jaundiced view, adds nothing to the story. It won’t be long before we’re treated to shaky video footage of the bullet-ridden, charred and bloodied corpse after a stand-off like this.


Kate to use car damaged in protests – stop the presses!

Kate Middleton will be driven to her wedding in the same luxury car that was attacked in student protests last year.

The Rolls-Royce, which was damaged by a mob as it took the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to a theatre, is being repaired for Kate’s big day.

How, exactly, is this actually a news story? I am gobsmacked.

Breaking News! Car repaired and used again.

Tenuous links to royal weddings are painful at best.