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Jesus may be with Occupy London, but St Paul would have sided with health and safety | Marina Hyde | Comment is free | The Guardian

So, after a week in which the instinctively malign bumblings of British authority yet again had the flavour of a debased Ealing comedy, Rev Fraser’s principled departure brought a sense of clarity. Friday’s summoning of the lawyers by St Paul’s merely underscored it. We now know that Giles’s erstwhile colleagues do not want those who perceive themselves the slaves of capitalism dwelling where it liketh them in the church’s gate. They would liketh the protesters to “move on”, in fact – even though it seems likely to lead to ugly scenes and possibly violence – and allow them to resume the softly-softly behind-the-scenes work in fighting injustice and selling £180 cufflinks which has done such a bang-up job of making the victims of their City neighbours feel empowered.

The joys of an established church, eh?

Free to protest? I can still be arrested if my placard reads: ‘Nick Clegg, oh dear’ | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian

It could have been worse: at least the police didn’t try to kettle half a million people. But as footage obtained by the Guardian from the great march on Saturday shows, the glorious tradition of impartial policing and respect for peaceful protest remain undimmed. The film shows senior police officers assuring members of UK Uncut who had peacefully occupied Fortnum & Mason that they would not be confused with the rioters outside, and would be allowed to go home if they left the store. They did so, and were penned, handcuffed, thrown into vans, dumped in police cells and, in some cases, left there for 24 hours.

Isn’t all that supposed to have stopped? Haven’t we entered a new era of freedom in which the government, as it has long promised, now defends “the hard-won liberties that we in Britain hold so dear”? No.

Good, if sobering, read.

I wonder how far the Powers That Be will go to thwart legitimate protest in this country.

Stripped Bare | George Monbiot

To understand its position, you must first understand that the government is not managing the economy for the people of this nation. It is managing it for a tiny transnational elite, a kind of global gated community. To the people inside the gates, who fund the Conservative party, who own our politics, the media and the banks, the rest of us are an inconvenience, to be bribed, threatened or fooled.

I can make no coherent comment. There is just anger welling up in me.

Via Twitter @UKuncut

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We Remember, Mr Cameron | UK Uncut

Yes, Mr Osborne, we remember. It was not the teachers and the doctors and the nurses who caused this economic crisis. It was your good friends, the people who paid for your election campaign. The bankers. You may have cut corporation tax, and handed our national economy back to them – for now – but we remember only too well that it was they who caused this mess in the first place.

Only today, Tory grandee Ken Clarke has said that once the middle classes figure out the cuts are going to affect them it could get very messy.

Ya think?

Having witnessed events in Tunisia and Egypt, I am fervently hoping that once the middle classes come to their senses they will be on the streets seeking regime change, or at least seek for the corporations to carry their fair share of the burden.

We’re all in this together? My arse!

UK Uncut


While the Egyptian people fight for their freedom, thousands of taxpayers here in the UK have been peacefully protesting outside tax-dodging companies throughout England. Sadly, three people have been taken to hospital after an incident in Oxford Street, London, where the police used pepper spray on a group of protesters trying to help one woman who was being arrested for allegedly causing criminal damage by pushing a leaflet through a closed shop door.

Welcome to UK 2011.