The cat came back

In March 2011, I had had enough of Facebook. Various things prompted my decision, including the fact I didn’t really want to have a Facebook account in the first place. So, came the day when I pulled the “kill switch” and moved on with my life. Facebook said my account had been deactivated, and I was led to believe it had been deleted permanently. Gone. Finished. It was an ex-Facebook account.

Two years on, and having started down a new career path, I discovered some of my modelling work had been featured on a kit manufacturer’s Facebook page. The photos had even gathered some “likes”, so I considered the possibility of tentatively setting up just a business page for Heather Kay Modelling.

Yesterday, I took the plunge and began to set up a business account on Facebook. Oddly, someone was already using my email account, which was annoying because I didn’t want to use another account. Of course, if someone else was using my email, then I ought to have been received status updates and so on. Then the penny dropped. My old account was still there. It had not been deleted. It was just sleeping, waiting for the day when I might drag my sorry carcass back to the Facebook fold.

Like The League of Gentlemen‘s Royston Vasey (“You’ll never leave.”) or The Eagles’ Hotel California (“…You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!”), Facebook had retained my old account, against my wishes and instructions.

Be that as it may, I am now back in the ‘Book. And if you are also so encumbered, you can find my Heather Kay modelling page and follow if you wish.

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