The LlewBlog – Bloggage – Why I have never, and can never, be a conservative

I am now seriously over 45 and I have had to accept I can never become a conservative. No matter how old I get I will never agree with the basic sentiments. My world view is just that, a world view, as opposed to a street view or a front window view.

In the UK we have just finished a long period of Labour government which we now know was led by people with such a narrow conservative outlook they made the traditional British Conservative party look positively benign.

However I’m not interested in the capital C conservative party, just like the Labour party they are now beyond all doubt, a devalued and morally defunct organization with dwindling broad support and membership riddled with corruption and self serving vanity. I totally respect and support the right of people to express their conservative opinions, but I’m never going to agree with them.

Link to the full blog post by Robert Llewellyn.

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