Regular followers may have noticed a few issues with this blog recently. My hosting provider has been having a few server problems, leading to things going offline for periods of between an hour and a day or more, for a month or so.

As my hosting arrangements for this blog are very generous, I don’t feel it’s fair to complain about it too loudly. The hosting provider is, no doubt, trying to get to the bottom of the issues. I am currently content to leave them to it.

I am considering options, of course. I’d be foolish not to. However, as I don’t make any form of income from this blog, it’s not a critical thing if it disappeared entirely. I have backups, so content could be restored reasonably quickly on another platform if the need arises.

You may well have wondered where I’ve been of late. Life, as you know, tends to rear its ugly head on occasions. The whole Brexit debacle, US politics, health and all sorts aside, I am pretty busy working to make ends meet. I’ve switched bank account to a new bank, had to deal with various domestic crises, and generally been way too busy to make any posts here. I feel I can’t add anything sensible to overall noise out there, so I’m keeping my own counsel.

Normal service may be resumed at some point.

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