Why is every Christmas TV advert like a nail gun to the tearducts?

Here it is, Merry Christmas, everybody’s having fun. Well, it isn’t, and they aren’t, but it might as well be. For this weekend, all the Christmas advertising campaigns launched. “Holidays are coming”, chant the perennially joyful Coca-Cola singers in Rainbowland as a giant truck snarls down Main Street, cruelly failing to add “Open brackets, in six weeks’ time, if you’re lucky, close brackets”.

What have we become? What led us to here? What led us to a world in which every single advert ever has to have snow in it, and try and make us cry? What happened? What have we done to deserve this? In Christmasadvertland, it always snows, and families are lovely, and mums do everything, and men are hopeless and buy a turd in a box and have to get helped out, because their rancid brains are full of stupid, and it always snows. Stop the madness. Stop it now.

via Why is every Christmas TV advert like a nail gun to the tearducts?.

As many of you may already know, I have become very dischuffed with the whole Christmas thing over the past few years. I’m not going to go into the whole dreary thing again, but do read the linked article in full. It sums up so much so well about how we have completely forgotten what Christmas used to be about. Two thousand years after a man was nailed to a tree for suggesting people should be nice to one other*, the meaning of Christmas now appears to be entirely about buying more tat to improve the bottom line of big businesses everywhere. Who are we fooling?

* With apologies to Douglas Adams for the very poor paraphrasing.

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