Current build progress

I’ve been so busy, I’ve been neglecting updates here. This is probably a good thing, as it means I am so busy at the workbench I am not tempted to waste time footling about on the interwebs.

For a long time, the LNWR motor train build has been bumbling along, with no real apparent progress to show. Then, all of a sudden, there’s paint being sprayed about and I’m within sight of seeing the both models finished and delivered!

IMG_7285 IMG_7286Both coaches and their underparts reached a point where primer had been applied.

IMG_7306 IMG_7305Then, before I knew it both roofs were ready for priming and painting.

IMG_7307Then the paint shop got really busy. Both underframes were painted and varnished, and both body shells had their first coats of LNWR carmine lake applied over a black undercoat.

IMG_7312Before I knew it was Saturday, both bodies had white undercoat applied to all the upper panel work. 

Things are beginning to look a lot like LNWR coaches now. The next stage, once the white undercoat has had a second coat applied, is to paint the “spilt milk” on the upper panel work. Then, lining needs to be done—by hand, as there is no real alternative—followed by the transfers. Then I need to get the interiors fitted out, complete with passengers. There’s still a lot to do, regardless of appearances.

2013 was my first year as a professional modelmaker. As I type, I have two more commissioned builds to start in the new year, another lined up for later in the year, and I’ve quoted for another. There’s a fair chance of a steady flow of models to be built for 2014. You can find out more on my web site, follow me on Facebook, and of course keep up here when I find a spare minute or two!