How not to shoot a panorama!


We’ve been away for a couple of days this past weekend, doing some on-the-ground research and surveying for our Wolverton station model. There were a couple of times where it made sense to swing the camera about and take in the wider field of view, to give something of a better sense of the place.

This example is not one of the best I’ve ever done. I’m not making excuses when I say it was shot landscape (should’ve been portrait ideally), handheld (should’ve used a tripod), with varying exposure and shutter speed settings (should’ve used manual). If I had been properly serious, I should have also used the DSLR with the 10mm wide angle lens, and got sky and ground shots to fill the blanks.

Still, Photoshop made a fair fist of what I fed it. The field of view is over 180 degrees in all. The method of stitching I selected is really better suited to making interactive panoramas, but I’m happy with the slightly quirky perspectives.

2 thoughts on “How not to shoot a panorama!

  1. Whoa! I’m not sure I want to get quite that deeply into it! I’m happy spinning like a top. =oD

  2. You also need to rotate your lens around the nodal point to avoid parallax errors – so add something like a Nodal Ninja to your shopping list.

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