I know, I know…

I am sorry. There, I said it. I’m sorry I don’t have time to make copious posts here like I used to. Obviously, when I worked at a computer nearly all day it was easier to open a tab and pour forth. Now I am making models for a living I don’t have nearly as much computer time as I used to.

There’s also an awful lot I could be writing about. The political scene, the NHS, the world’s inexorable spin into death and destruction… There’s too much to be annoyed about, too much to offer my opinion about, and what good would it do anyway? Just another scream into the void.

It’s easy to be negative, and I try not to be as often as I can. Sometimes, though, looking around at the state of the world, one can’t help but wonder how we have let things get quite so bad.

I have had an idea for a couple of ranty historical posts about the recent rebirth of the Flying Scotsman, and celebrating an 80th anniversary of the Spitfire’s first flight but ignoring the Hurricane’s 80th last year. I may still work something up, but I’m only typing now because today is a fallow day for domestic and medical stuff to be done. Normally I’d be ankle-deep in metal filings by now!

So, I apologise for being quiet. I’ll try to make amends soon. Possibly.

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  1. A reflection.

    Maybe there are few people that can communicate steadily, regularly, consistently, always with meaning and value. There is also, of course, the communication that is for self-advertisement, or for the release of putting something ‘out there’, or mechanically, in response to the drive of time and calendar. Instead, I’m thinking here particularly of the conscious communication that offers a form of relationship to an audience, either words, or images or modelling, that aims to stimulate,

    engage, invite rapport. Blogs, modelling, writing, all are self-expression, and require something of the self if done well and genuinely, from the heart.

    So, when there is something of the self to give, it’s ok to communicate, yet it’s also ok to choose not to communicate. Message or absence of message – it’s part of the story, a stream of artefacts and the space between them. Across all channels and media, our communciation forms part of our life map [as an aside, see below a lilnk to web pages that I was guided to – a creative use of mapping to communicate more than just place and space].

    It sounds like you express yourself all the time in a variety of ways that reflect your energies and choices and circumstances, and that’s quite fine and just right.

    I’ve come to accept this personal intepretation after much contemplation and angst, I dream of modelmaking, steadly and plentifully, expressing my essence of trams and tramways and a couple of idiosyncratic railway companies and various other things. There can be research to do and articles to write on related subjects. There are relationships and dialogues, very occasionally and intermittently, and there is life and work – and coping with, and recovering from, both of these primary items. My instincts, most of my life, are to give my energies to these latter things, because it is right in my hierachy of values.

    I have had pleasurable short spells of modelling activity, in later life, when there is a lull elsewhere. I’ve spent time in archives with papers and drawings, and time at the computer screen preparing notes and a few small articles. Here I admit that it is the energies of others, their advice and proof-reading, that brings order from my chaos, and I gain my motivation from being able to help others with information that aids their modelling and interests. There might not be much to show, at times, yet I’ve gained comfort by accepting that I do express myself in a variety of ways, whether it is in pursuit of my aspirations and pleasure or better, when it is done in service to others.


    Graphic art and mapping: http://joegrey.co.uk/pages/graphic.html

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