It’s not all black and white

Back in July I blogged about why I find I’m shooting in black and white. The subject of black and white photography never seems to go away, it seems.

Today, Scott Bourne posted on the PhotoFocus web site about mono photography.

I saw a post on the Internet by an “expert” who said you shouldn’t make “unnecessary” black and white photos. I am pretty sure that I lost brain cells just by reading that sentence. It generated several questions for me:

1. What constitutes “unnecessary” black & white?
2. Who gets to decide what’s “unnecessary?”
3. Why should anyone care whether or not I (or you) decide to shoot black and white?
4. What’s next? Unnecessary color?

Of course I’m writing this a bit tongue in cheek, but I do find the whole conversation to be misplaced.

I encourage you to read the full article. I think Scott, as ever, has hit the nail on the head.